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Zombie World: Tree of Death
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The 42,000-year-old sorceror from Mike Mignola and Pat McEown's ZombieWorld: Champion of the Wormsreturns, and this time his sights are set on London. With a plan to build a giant underground structure to call up the gods of hell, Azzul Gotha needs only one thing more to become the undead king of the world--his queen, Rebecca Dean, who's under the protection of the ancient warrior Killcrop, revived to destroy Gotha and his zombie hordes. A wild and grotesque zombie tale is about to unfold in the four-issue ZombieWorld: The Tree of Death, as Dark Horse teams acclaimedMarshal Law writer Pat Mills with J Deadstock, one of the most dangerous and bizarre artists on the face of the earth.

Zombie World: Tree of Death chapters (issues)

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