X-Men: Magneto War Comic

X-Men: Magneto War


The issue opens with Charles Xavier's idyllic dream of a picnic with his students. The dream warps into a nightmare, courtesy of new Acolyte Rem-Ram's powers - as boosted by Fabian Cortez.
Rem-Ram also drops in on the sleep of Rogue and Wolverine, but his plans backfire when his manipulations jolt Xavier awake. The Professor wakes his team from slumber and sends them to engage Cortez and his Acolytes.
In an interlude, Quicksilver pays a stealthy visit to Joseph in Israel. Quicksilver struggles to reconcile his perception of his father Magneto with the reality of Joseph - who appears to be younger than Quicksilver, and certainly more compassionate than Magneto. Quicksilver slips away as quickly as he arrived...

X-Men: Magneto War chapters (issues)

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