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Top-Notch Laugh Comics


Numbering continued from Top-Notch Comics #27; becomes Laugh Comix with issue #46.
The Wizard, the Man with the Super Brain, Roy the Super Boy and the Black Hood having proved not to be the as successful as MLJ hoped for in the superhero department, with the 28th issue they changed the title from Top-Notch Comics to Top-Notch Laugh Comics, changing the line-up as well.
The only one of the original mystery men to remain was the Black Hood, the rest of the comic was replaced with a line-up humor strips including, Snoop McGook a dim-witted detective, Pokey Oakey a rip-off of L‘il Abner, Suzie, with good-girl art about a girl who can’t seem to find a job, Senor Siesta the “humorous” adventures of a stereotypical Mexican, the Three Monkeyteers, a rip-off of the 3 Stooges as monkeys, Percy a high school student and the hopelessly twisted Gloomy Gus: the Homeless Ghost, about a ghost that Heaven won’t let in, and Hell doesn’t want, who wants another body, each of his adventures involves him possessing some hapless victim and messing up trying to life their life until he gets that body killed. Also was Dotty & Ditto, a little girl in the Wild West and her talking parrot.

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