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The hero of Animalville, U.I.A. is Supermouse. With a few bites of supercheese, he is able to bend steel bars in his mighty hands, and change the course of mighty rivers as he flies through the skies in his red-and-blue outfit with the yellow “S” emblazoned across his chest. His main opponent is Terrible Tom, a wily feline who escapes with alarming frequency only to be tossed back in by the mouse of might. His girl friend Mabel actually does help in many adventures, slipping him a chuck of supercheese before Terrible Tom’s latest plan destroys the big cheese for good.
Supermouse ("the Big Cheese") was one of Nedor's (Standard's) longest-running funny animal characters. Supermouse, made his debut in Coo Coo Comics in October 1942. The Big Cheese got his own book here, running from #1 (Nov - Dec 1948) through #34 (Sep 1955).
Numbering continues in Supermouse, the Big Cheese (Pines, 1956 series).

Supermouse chapters (issues)

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