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Superman: The Odyssey


Superman: The Odyssey is the story of Clark Kent before he became Superman which portrays his personal odyssey (journey) in a foreign land in an attempt to understand more about himself.
The story beings with Superman fighting against an un-named organization because Superman has discovered they plan to release anthrax into Metropolis subway station. After a brief battle with the guards who are armed with laser guns and few robots Superman succeeds in destroying the un-named organization.
After having defeated the organization Superman‘s attention is caught by a news telecast of the death of Terri Chun, which takes Superman into flashback of how he met Terri Chun.
In the flashback, we see Clark Kent forced to use his powers to protect a woman trapped under a car accident, however, instead of help from the crowd all he gets is a reaction of sheer terror. The next day Superman is confronted by Terri Chun, who’s a reporter who has taken few pictures of Clark Kent lifting the car in the scene of the accident. They have coffee and unbeknown to her, Clark Kent destroys the film using X-Ray vision. Hours later, she offered a place to stay to Clark and when they where at her place, suddenly they were attacked by few Chinese commandos. Seeing bullets simply bounce off Clark’s body, leads them to believe there is something wrong with their ammunition and they retreat. When asked Terri explains Chinese commando attacked them because her father is the Rhana Bhutra, highest religious figure in their country, and that the commandos intended to kidnap her to get to him...

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