Robotech: Wings of Gibraltar Comic

Robotech: Wings of Gibraltar
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    Robotech: Wings of Gibraltar 1998

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    Lee Duhig

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Rick Hunter and Max Sterling are assigned by Henry Goval to make an inspection trip to a secret Robotech research facility located inside an asteroid belt to examine progress on new weapon systems, including the Super Veritech. Once there, they are met by the head of research, Dr. Janek Chase and his assistant Professor Ashland who is responsible for Zentraedi studies. Professor Ashland takes Hunter and Sterling to see one of the facilities latest prizes, a modified Zentraedi Recon Pod. Unknown to the research base, the Zentraedi have a tracking alert attached to the Recon Pod to pinpoint its location, and the secret facility. Recieving the signal, Breetai assigns Major Calen to retrieve the Pod, and destroy the base.

Robotech: Wings of Gibraltar chapters (issues)

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