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Nathan Never
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    Nathan Never 1999

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    Michele Medda

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Something has slaughtered the crew of the space lab Demeter. Only the lab animals and one man, Vlad Schreck, were fortunate enough to survive the attack. Now its up to Agent Nathan Never of the Alpha Detective Agency to discover what happened aboard the Demeter before the terror strikes again. Dont miss this futuristic thriller featuring a cover by Art Adams.
The crew of the space laboratory Demeter was massacred without using firearms. The only survivors are rats, snakes, bats used for the experiments and Vlad Shreck, a researcher at the Stoker University.
Nathan Never, commissioned to investigate, goes on the site and questions Shreck who complains, however, a total amnesia.
For this reason , in fact, he is being treated by Dr. John Seward, but more than amnesia, Shreck began to show a strange fear of light.

Nathan Never chapters (issues)

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