Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics Comic

Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics
  • Other Names

    Johnny Dynamite: Explosive Pre-Code Crime Comics—The Complete Adventures of Pete Morisi’s Wild Man of Chicago

  • Author(s)

    Kenneth W. Fitch

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  • Genres

    Crime - Pulp - Suspense

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Fight crime alongside the one-eyed, two-fisted Chicago private eye in these comics from the early 1950s! At the height of the Mickey Spillane crime novel craze of the early 1950s came Johnny Dynamite to rival Mike Hammer in wild, sexy yarns! Illustrated by Pete Morisi and written by Ken Fitch, the complete mini graphic novels from the rare Dynamite comic book (1953–55) are collected here by the creators of Ms. Tree, Max Allan Collins (Road to Perdition) and Terry Beatty (Rex Morgan, M.D.). Collins, Spillane's chosen literary heir, provides an informative introduction, and a Collins/Beatty Johnny Dynamite tale is included as a bonus!

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