Jingle Belle (1999) Comic

Jingle Belle (1999)


Paul Dini, the man who revolutionized Batman with Batman Beyond, now sets his sites on Christmas, creating a holiday classic that's destined to become just as beloved as the Rankin-Bass pantheon, Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and A Charlie Brown Christmas! Santa is the favorite mythological figure of every kid in the world... so why can't he get along with his own daughter?! Jingle Belle is Kris Kringle's adolescent nightmare, cute, spunky, and destined for trouble! No one believes Jing is capable of anything remotely productive, but when a sinister force threatens to end Christmas forever, Jing is the perennial holiday's only hope. Joining Paul in the good cheer is Stephen DeStefano, of Instant Piano and 'Mazing Man fame, as well as cover artist Bill Morrison, creator of Roswell and part of the team behind Futurama. Like the best gifts, you won't want to wait to see what's under the outer wrapping, and you'll want to play with it well into the new year!

Jingle Belle (1999) chapters (issues)

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