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A legendary cult of female assassins sworn to prepare Japan for the return of the dragons at the turn of the millennium; the betrayal of a woman named Deathkiss; and a beautiful exotic dancer who appears in the night, offering solace and friendship to a young writer who once saved her life. This is it--the type of series that Mike Deodato's fans have wanted him to draw since his glory days of Wonder Woman! Killer babes! The Yakuza! All-out action! The destruction of Japan! An exotic Asian assassin dares to escape her clan, knowing the only true escape is death at the hands of those with whom she trained. True to form, she is hunted by the Jade Warriors, who follow the bidding of the dreaded Yakuza... never knowing that a "dragon" (what could it REALLY be?) has shape-shifted into the form of their Oyabun leader. It's a race to the true millennium,  2001,  and a fight for a nation's very survival! A special extra-length story, "Jewels of the Rising Sun" also includes the hard-to-find original serialized ashcan backup story arc (never before seen in color)! It's Deodato's latest, greatest action epic ever!

Jade Warriors chapters (issues)

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