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The issue opens with a mysterious narrator telling us about the new Hourman: an android from the 853 century. The narrator is telling us all this, even though he knows he won’t meet Hourman for another 2 hours. At the Justice League Watchtower, newest member Hourman is trying his best to fit in with the Leaguers assembled: Flash, Green Lantern, Huntress, and Zauriel. Hourman reveals that, in 241.03 seconds, Green Lantern will comment that the League needs to get Hourman a woman. While this prompts ire in Huntress, it triggers an idea in Flash for Hourman to consult the “JLA’s resident authority on dating:” Batman. The Leaguers head to Gotham City, where the Batman is trapped by the Mad Hatter and his goons. Hourman releases Batman from the trap, and turns all the villains into children using his time powers, ending the conflict. Batman, irate at the interruption, forces Hourman to turn them back, where he threatens Mad Hatter into surrender. Hourman absorbs Batman’s experience with the JLA, and he sets upon an idea on how to better learn humanity. He rushes to Happy Harbor, where he meets Snapper Carr: our mysterious narrator.

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