Herobear And The Kid (1999) Comic

Herobear And The Kid (1999)


The first of five books, titled "Small Beginnings." Tyler is a young boy (we assume somewhere between the ages of 9-12), who's grandfather has just recently passed away. Having inherited the home and its belongings; Tyler's parents resolve to move the family to their new home. Everyone in the family inherits a special object. When Tyler goes up to his new room, he finds his grandfather has left him a seemingly broken gold pocketwatch, and a small stuffed polar bear. Tyler is unimpressed. Instead of getting a cool toy, he got a stuffed animal. After lamenting his seeming misfortune, Tyler goes to bed that evening highly disappointed and unimpressed. Little did he  know that the watch was not a watch at all! Rather, it acted as a remote device that triggered Herobear to come alive!  Donning a massive red cape, Herobear whisks Tyler away to partake in their very first crimefighting adventure!

Herobear And The Kid (1999) chapters (issues)

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