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Haunted Horseman
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    Haunted Horseman 1999

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    Gardner Fox

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One of the most bizarre and effective comic book characters of all time combined the western genre with elements of the supernatural and horror-The Haunted Horseman! (Originally published in the 1950''s by Magazine Enterprises as The Ghost Rider.) 1999 was the 50Th anniversary of the first appearance of this landmark creation, (revived in contemporary times as a supporting cast member in AC''s long-running Femforce monthly) so AC produced this special commemorative one-shot comprised of classic reprints of the original M.E. strips, as drawn by all-time favorite western artist (and GR co-creator) Dick(Fantastic Four) Ayers! This book boasts beautiful, crystal clear reprints of complete Golden Age stories, including Spook Justice and The Fire Ghost, from Ghost Rider #1, 1950; No Law In Little Bend, from Tim Holt #36, 1953;Magico, from Redmask #45, 1954, and He Who Laughs,(the very last GR story, from his original M. E. run) from Redmask #50, 1954. Plus, a special bonus Tales Of The Ghost Rider story, drawn in 1954, but never before published- The Second Thunder Valley!! All stories drawn by Ayers, with inking help from Ernie Bache, and scripts by Gardner Fox and Carl Memling. Includes a capsule history of his comic book career, and a cover by Frank Frazetta!!

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