Happydale - Devils In The Desert Comic

Happydale - Devils In The Desert


A small town that isn't quite what it seems comes to life in a profoundly different 2-issue Prestige Format miniseries. Happydale is a small mid-American town like many others...at least on the surface. But slightly below that placid surface, there's something...different. The residents are happy, they all get along, but there's something weird about pretty much all of them, from the circus-level fat ladies to the midgets and giants, from the three-eyed man to the three-headed boy. It doesn't seem like anything can break the peacefulness of Happydale's small-town life, at least until a depraved serial killer and his two psychopathic companions decide to take a break from their desert-wide killing spree and set out to take over the sleepy little town. But these newcomers have bitten off more than they can chew...

Happydale - Devils In The Desert chapters (issues)

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