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Golden Age Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
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    Golden Age Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1999

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Classic adventures from the 1940′s, starring the sexy, savage beauty from Fiction House Comics ‘ Jumbo Comics!! Experience these vintage adventures of the most popular jungle girl in history, in crystal clear, sharp reproductions of complete Golden Age stories, as drawn by Robert W. Webb and co. Read “Eyes Of A Killer Cat”, from Jumbo Comics #99; “The Peg-Legged Slaver King Of The Congo”, from Jumbo #100; “The Dancing Warriors Of Kalonga”, from Jumbo #102; “The Valley Of Eternal Sleep”, from Jumbo #104; “The War Elephant of Gondora”, from Jumbo #164; “Sheena And The Ape Worshippers”, from Jumbo #73, and “Sheena And The Hidden Valley”. More than sixty pages of the best “good girl art” jungle action ever to appear in print. See why this icon has inspired TWO television series; one in the 1950′s, starring pinup queen Irish McCalla, and another in 2000, featuring ex-Bay Watch star Jenna Lee Nolin. Historical text by Bill Black. Full color cover, interiors are black and white. 76 pages, squarebound trade paperback format, standard comic book size.

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