Gen 13: Carny Folk Comic

Gen 13: Carny Folk


Reprinting the popular carnival-set solo stories of the Gen-Actives, plus a never- before-published story of Freefall, illustrated by the Eisner Award-winning Kyle Baker(YOU ARE HERE). Everyone's favorite team of Gen-Actives go their separate ways and get into unexpected adventures in GEN13: CARNY FOLK, a 40-page one-shot reprinting the popular backup features from GEN13s #32, #34, #36, #38 and including a never-before-published Freefall story illustrated by Eisner Award-winning writer/artist Kyle Baker! A new cover by Lee Bermejo and John Nyberg and a framing story (written by John Arcudi with art by Bermejo and Nyberg) add to the fun of CARNY FOLK, which finds a State Fair arriving on the scene. Written by Arcudi and Jerry Prosser, with art by Art Adams, Kevin Nowlan, Doug Mahnke, Cam Smith, and inker Scott Williams, GEN13: CARNY FOLK spotlights each member of the team — Grunge (illustrated by Mahnke), Fairchild (illustrated by Adams), Burnout (illustrated by Nowlan), and Rainmaker (illustrated by Cam Smith) — as each is diverted by different Midway attractions. As a special bonus, Freefall takes center stage in a hilarious story written by Arcudi and Prosser and illustrated by Kyle Baker (YOU ARE HERE). It's a wild ride!

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