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Femforce Swimsuit Portfolio
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    Femforce Swimsuit Portfolio 1999

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite comic book superheroine might wear at the beach or poolside? Here''s your chance to find out, AC Comics style! Fan favorite, artist Brad Gorby, has produced 15 spectacular ,sensual and sexy illustrations feasturing the cast of AC''s great Femforce female superteam comic, each one relaxing at water''s edge in skimpy, eye-catching variations of their already breif costumes. You''ll get not only regular team members Ms. Victory, Synn, Tara, Stardust, She-Cat and Nightveil but also Colt, Dragonfly, the “new” Ms. Victory (Jennifer) Buckaroo Betty, plus Yankee Girl, Miss Masque, Jet-Girl and the giant-sized Garganta, all rendered in beautiful, pin-up style black and white plates by the master of the female form, Gorby. But that''s not all… as a special bonus, a 17″ X 11″ slick, color “Femforce Beach Party” poster is included in each portfolio, with six of the FF core members'' reproduced in full color, as painted by FF creator Bill Black. Crime fighting never looked so good!!

Femforce Swimsuit Portfolio chapters (issues)

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