Desperadoes: Epidemic! Comic

Desperadoes: Epidemic!


The heroes of DESPERADOES: A MOMENT'S SUNLIGHT return in an exciting Prestige Format one-shot that picks up where the original DESPERADOES miniseries left off! The original DESPERADOES duo of writer Jeff Mariotte (the Gen13: Netherwar novel) and John Cassaday (PLANETARY) are joined by John Lucas (Will Eisner's The Spirit: The New Adventures), who provides the finishes to Cassaday's layouts, as Gideon Brood, Abby DeGrazia, Jerome Alexander Betts and former Pinkerton agent Race Kennedy ride deep into the New Mexico mountains during a heavy snowstorm to evade a bloodthirsty posse. Their journey leads to Naciemento, a town under a strict quarantine. But there's something else trapped in the isolated town...something far more horrifying than even the deadliest disease.

Desperadoes: Epidemic! chapters (issues)

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