Day of Judgment Secret Files Comic

Day of Judgment Secret Files


The Destiny DilemmaWhich Witch?One Enchanted Evening...Fausts Epilogue The DC Universe the day after the DAY OF JUDGMENT is revealed in a Secret Files one-shot! The history of the Spectre, and his unexpected new role in the DC Universe, is explored (written by Geoff Johns with art by John McCrea); the different types of magic in the DCU are explained and Zatanna goes on a very unusual date (both pieces written by Mark Millar with art by Phil Winslade) A veritable encyclopedia of DCs supernatural characters, powers, and talismans, this issue features profile pages on the new Spectre, Zatanna, Deadman, the Demon, and more, with art by a roster that includes Winslade, McCrea, Cully Hamner, and Brian Denham.

Day of Judgment Secret Files chapters (issues)

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