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The First Lady of Western films stars in her first solo comic since 1959!! Roy Rogers wife and leading lady rides the range in two treasured comic adventures reprinted from her Dell Comics series of the 1950′s: “The Crossroads”, (which first appeared in Dale Evans,,Queen Of The West #7, April/June,1955 )drawn by Hi Mankin-where Dale and guest star Pat Brady break up a diamond-smuggling ring, and bring peace back to the lives of Lona and her brother Lem; and “Dangerous Trail”, drawn by Russ(Magnus, Robot Fighter)Manning. Dale exonerates a local Native American framed for the theft of a jeweled necklace. Also, a Dale Evans Photo Scrapbook section with rare shots of Dale and the rest of the Rogers family, a Dale Evans/Roy Rogers filmography, and a slice-of-life feature Dale wrote herself for an issue of Dale Evans Comics, in March of 1951.Color photo covers (and black and white photo inside covers) and interiors black and white with graytones. 7″ X 83/4″ retrocomic format.

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