Cavewoman Color Special Comic

Cavewoman Color Special


The first half of this double issue begins with Meriem and Bruce walking thru the prehistoric jungle on a seed gathering expedition and coming across the remains of some meat eaters reminding Meriem that she had been in this place before. She recalls he run in with ‘No Nose’ a gigantic cross bread of a Chasmosaur and a Styracosaur that she cleverly defeated with the aid of her pet raptors Peace and Harmony. The second half of the story finds a failing spacecraft damaged by asteroid collision and Fauna scrambling to her escape pod just in time to escape its destruction. She crashes in a shallow body of water in the prehistoric jungle only to have her pod attacked and destroyed by a huge snake. Leaping to safety she decides to clean up while awaiting rescue and walkes to a nearby waterfall where she strips naked and dives in. After her bath her clothes are stolen destroyed in a battle with a Pterodactylus and she makes a tiger striped top out of the hide of a fleeing dog. She is assaulted by two natives and lead to their king who demands retribution for taking the hide of his pet.

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