Captain Midnight (1942) Comic

Captain Midnight (1942)


A hero of World War I, Captain Albright took on the mission of capturing the nefarious Ivan Shark before Shark could launch a midnight strike on the Allies. Amazed at his success, his commanders swore him in as secret agent and gave him the name “Captain Midnight.” After the war, he became a crime-fighter and inventor (in the comics version, at least), but was pulled back to action when World War II broke out.The Captain's had amazing flying skill, which allowed him to outmaneuver even the most determined Nazi fighter pilot and perform incredible landings on impossible terrain. He also had a “gliderchute” which gave him gliding ability, and a “Doom Beam Torch” which generated heat rays. And, like any self-respecting hero of the age, he had a pair of wards, Chuck Ramsey and Joyce Ryan, as well as a legion of faithful “Flight Patrol” listeners who tuned into his radio adventures, decoder rings at the ready.Series changes to Sweethearts after #67.

Captain Midnight (1942) chapters (issues)

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